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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  May 9, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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that is cool. >> where else you going to get that >> i am very excited. >> fox 5 morning news baby, tucker barnes down stairs in the weather center not as exciting as that. >> that was cool allison. >> that was classic. did not expect that. >> tony has been skeptical about that bat mobile but i have been telling him it is nice. >> rain showers going to have to put the roof up on the convertible. generally we are done with the rain here for the time being but it will move back here, in a couple hours. southern maryland across the low eastern shore, cambridge, salisbury, showers to deal with. for the rest of us, showers working, north and west of city, out to the west, the threat will bring us more showers. you can see a shower south and west of us, tennessee, down towards georgia, and the deep south, all that shower activity you can kind of stream up to
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the north along our front later today and bring us another round of showers. if you want to time it out any time after 2, 3, 4:00 p.m. today showers will start to move in and we will be in for a wet evening commute. temperatures 68 washington. warm temperatures humidity as well. way up 87%, winds out of the south, 6 miles per hour. your forecast, temperatures top out mid-to upper 70s. perhaps a storm returning mid- to late afternoon. more details on that forecast. i will go check out the bat mobile allison. back to you. >> thank you. big story this morning new underwear bomb made of liquids and powder designed to slip past airport security, u.s. officials say no major changes are expected at airport check points. >> the plot was stopped by double agent. doug luzader reports airport security may be on a hair trigger as we learn more about that bomb plot. >> reporter: this episode was a big win for the cia but raising
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new questions about airport security. overnight two u.s. jet liners, one in california, one in arizona, were stopped and searched after bomb threats. they were cleared but it is one more sign that tsa scrutiny may be heightened now after the cias latest intelligence coupe became public. the new version of al qaeda's underwear bomb it turns out was handed over to the cia by a person al qaeda thought would detonate it, a secret agent it gives u.s. security officials a better idea what they should look for, even if passengers are still a little uneasy. >> we can have all the high tech equipment that we want, that will help but, ultimately, it is people, seeing something that is not right. >> reporter: that may be the ultimate question. new full body scanners should be able to pick up something like an underwear bomb, even one without metal parts. >> if you are wearing an underwear bomb, that is going to stand out, and so i suspect or feel very strongly, they
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would be able to identify that, and they could identify it either a pat down or trace detection. >> reporter: but there are new questions about those scanners. congress today will ask whether the tsa is properly deploying the technology that is correct has cost tax payers a fortune. even if the new technology is properly deployed in this country, there may be bigger issues overseas, where some airports still rely on out dated scanners. in washington, doug luzader fox news. we turn now to an airport security breech in rhode island. police discovered a disassembled gun and ammunition hidden in three stuffed animals found in a 4-year-old boy's carry on bag during routine x ray screening the boy and his father were not arrested. investigators believe the incident is the result of a domestic dispute. breaking news on a plane crash in the south pacific. air traffic controllers in indonesia lost contact with a
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russian made plane early this morning it was flying over mountains during a demonstration in the western part of the country. 40 people were onboard include russian diplomats, airline officials, journalists. search and rescue teams will now head to that area. >> fox 5 follow up on a story we reported last week involving a man pretending to be a police officer. police are asking for your help. melanie alnwick is live at montgomery county police headquarters with the latest. >> reporter: good morning allison, the victim in this case 29-year-old woman, -- 39- year-old woman decided to speak with the media through a translator because she is concerned the suspect is out there and may strike again. she was able to give police a pretty good description of the man who robbed her. take a look at this composite sketch of the suspect he is described as a black male, 26 or 27 years old, 5'10", 190 pounds, short curly hair, tattoos on both arms.
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last thursday when the woman was driving, in silver spring she was on her way to st. camilla's church 11:45 a.m., she noticed a car was following her, and she described it as a small black compact car with blue maryland tags. police believe those might be those chesapeake bay tags. there were no lights or sirens but the suspect was able to convince her, she should pull over. >> he yelled at me he was a police officer and i had to stop. she opened the door, and he grabbed her purse and the cell phone. he got in his car and left very fast and i tried to follow him out, screaming and yelling hoping some body will hear me to help me out. >> reporter: the woman was able to in her car flag down a mail carrier it was the mail carrier who called 911 for her. she was not physically harmed the suspect told her to sit on the sidewalk then he reached into the vehicle and stole her
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personal property. she is very shaken up by this. this is not the only case with police impersonators over the past several years police remind viewers they can always call 911 to verify there is a legitimate officer in the area. if they do pull over they can pull over in a well lighted place that has a lot of people around it and they have the right to ask the 911 dispatchers to send, uniformed officer or squad car to the scene for them that is the latest here in rockville maryland, melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. thank you very much. >> fairfax county police now say, the woman charged in another woman's death did not intend to run the victim over. investigators believe gloria mcmillen and shalindaerington exchanged words. she got out and approached mcmillans suv. she drove off and ran over her accidentally. mcmillen is charged with felony hit and run for leaving the
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scene. the atf is offering up to $5,000 as reward for information following a fire that injured 7 prince georges county firefighters. the fire happened in river dale back in february and was ruled arson. of the 7 firefighters injured two suffered critical life changing injuries. atf says they will give the reward if the information leads to an arrest and conviction in the case. placing it in the safety of or constitution where it will be safe from the whims of state justice, who might seek to redefine marriage for us. i thought they were more progressive than the rest of the south. >> north carolina passed a constitutional amendment defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman. the ban got 69% of the vote. it eliminates other domestic
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unions from carrying legal status. that could disrupt protection orders for unmarried couples. long time senator, dick lugger lost an indiana primary, beaten by tea party favorite, richard murdoch. he has been a fixture in the senate almost 4 decades but was targeted as to moderate, by conservatives in the state. he lost a lot of support for not having a permanent home in indiana. not so surprising result from tuesday's primary, is that mitt romney swept the republican contest. romney easily took the vote in indiana, north carolina, west virginia, at this point romney has 919 delegates on his way to the 1,144 needed to officially get the gop nomination. president obama meantime is getting set to host world leaders in frederick county maryland. g 8 summit will be held at camp david may 18th and 19th. frederick county police want business owners to remove outdoor items like sandwich boards along with tables and
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chairs in case there are protests. several public parks around camp david will be closed any where from may 16th through 20th : national park service says people with camping reservations can get a refund or credit for a future reservation. making headlines discussions among those gel leaders will likely -- g 8 leaders will likely include afghanistan. support is at an all time low, 27% of americans saying they back the effort. half of those surveyed who oppose the war say continued presence of u.s. troops in afghanistan is hurting conditions more than it is helping. another three months before we see george zimmerman in court again. the florida man charged with the murder of trayvon martin waived his arraignment appearance yesterday. he is out of jail on bond. his lawyer says some of the money zimmerman raised on a website is being used to pay
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for security and living expenses while he is in hiding before his trial. indiana couple will find themselves in court soon, charged with putting their kids in danger. they are accused of strapping their four kids to the hood of a car, during a liquor store run. witnesses reported seeing the couple tie their kids to the top of the car the father facing drunk driving charges, reportedly drove the kids and mother three blocks to the store. the father told newspapers he thought the kids would thing it was fun. >> it appears tourists have no problem opening wallets when they visit the district. how much they are spending. >> la monopeterson's -- lamont peterson's rematch may be at risk. we will be right back. 9:10 a.m. q what's my secret for sunday lunch?
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>> it is a welcome influx of money to the nations capital. spending by visitors grew to $6 billion. overall 18 million people visited dc in 2011 those are the best tourism totals since the 9/11 terrorist attacks devastated the industry a decade ago. tourist officials are expecting a rise in 2013. bad news two big businesses in maryland say nearly 400 people could be hit by layoffs. baltimore sun reports saks fifth avenue is laying off 200 workers at its distribution center in aberdeen and hostess will have to end production at its location in waldorf if they can't come out of bankruptcy. less than a quarter of the
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nations 7100 farmers markets are set up to use electronic benefit transfer system for food stamps. the hope is new grants will bring another 4,000 of those outlets online with the supplemental nutrition assistance program. that so low income people can use food stamps to buy fresh fruit and vegetables at those locations. if you need the time, you can once again turn to the heli tower. georgetown university officials replaced the clock's front hands. they were stolen last week as part of a georgetown tradition that began in the 60s. they found $9,000 in damage had been done. it is not known who stole the hands or where they are but it is tradition so, all in good fun i suppose. caps craze, should be in full effect tonight. it will be. no doubt. capitals will face the rangers game 6 of their second round
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playoff series at verizon center. a caps win and they send it to a decides game 7, a loss, and they are done for the season. the puck drops 7:30 p.m., here is reason for hope capitals are 3 and 0 in games, following overtime losses this post season. so there you go. >> all right. much anticipated rematch between lamont peterson and emir khan is in jeopardy. >> because peterson tested positive for a banned substance. on the phone, resident ring expert dave ross with our sports department who knows the peterson camp and all of those involved hey, dave you there >> i am. good morning. i wish it was not testosterone levels we were talking about but rather the fight itself. this ising news and obviously really does have this fight in jeopardy for may 19th. >> tell us what -- do we know, seems like reports i have heard have not been specific about
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what the banned substance was. i know the peterson camp responded what can you tell us >> i have talked to their camp earlier this morning as well. basically it is -- they are called ped pellets, testosterone pellets you put underneath your armpit. according to their camp, this is because of the specific medical condition he had back in october, prior to the first fight, that it was recommended by a doctor, because he had low testosterone levels. to take this ped pellet, this testosterone pellet. now, once the sample comes back [ audio difficulty ] >> okay -- >> this is where the issues come into play. all of the other tests all the blood tests and all the other urine tests he has taken since then have been negative just this one sample that came back positive for the testosterone level, too high and
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unacceptable according to the commission. so here is the thing. talking to their camp this morning and yesterday, as well. they are going to do everything they can to clear the name. this was a private medical condition according to the peterson camp that is now coming into light they obviously, it was private for a reason. but they -- lamont is in dc they are still planning for the fight may 19th they are waiting for the commission. talking to his camp they said everything about lamont is real. they feel like he is being you know dragged through the mud very quickly and they want everything to come out first before people start to do that. so they caution that hey, look i know the way that it looks but trust us when we say, when the peterson camp says this is not what we are all gathering it to be at this time. >> when can we expect a decision from officials in las vegas. the fight is pretty soon.
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>> yeah, coming up next saturday night. this is a big issue because emir khan is already back over in the states he is over there getting ready in los angeles for this fight. the fight will be in las vegas he is back over in the united states. their camp is upset about it. this is a main card, a main attraction on hbo next saturday night. it goes months into planning. for this to come up a week and a half before the fight is a problem. let's be honest this is severe the punishments lamont could face are severe his belts could be stripped, he could be suspended from the sport. so these are serious serious allegations, and there could be real repercussions that could hurt him long term. again, talking to his camp this morning they are -- they are devastated because this is something that clears your name and some -- smears your name and something that is very hard
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to get back. they are trying to clear it. again what was told to me minutes ago this is not what you thing it is and they are going to do everything they can to restore this guy's name. lamont said nothing in my life has been easy why would this be any different. lamont said he didn't do anything wrong he was -- he did what was told by a doctor to do. and they are hoping nevada athletic commission sees it that way and allows him to fight may 19th. but they are still waiting for that decision. could be today, could be tomorrow but guys it has got to be soon because the fight is next saturday night. all right dave ross reporting thank you very much for the insight we appreciate it. >> absolutely. moving on now, if you wish you could buy that girl scout cookie you like all year round, now you have that chance. the flavour that you know will soon be in stores. we will tell you about that. >> first we want to check this
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with holly morris. hey, holly. >> good morning guys. there are about 4,000 nursing homes and rehabilitation centers across the u.s. that have virtual therapy. one happens to be in our area. we are live itemed dust village, will -- methodist village, wilson health care center. how it works and how it is benefiting people who are young at heart. all live later. 
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if you are like a lot of folks you have already eden your girl scout cookies. -- you have already eaten your girl scout cookies, nestle will make a limited edition line of girl scout cookies candy bars. flavours will be based on flee classic flavours, thin mints, samoas and tag alongs. girl scouts turned 100
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years old this past march. local girl scouts will be on hand when a wax figure of the founder of girl scouts is unvailed later this morning. just in time for mothers day 100th anniversary honors all mothers and daughters who share the tradition of girl scouting. i am proud to say i am one of those mothers. good news on late mortgages as protestors continue to complain about a major bank. a water powered flight, 30 feet above water. >> don't miss this and don't miss this. these two gentlemen, here in studio, with us, yeah, that's right, bat man and robin. they are here in studio this morning we are very excited they are here. stick around for an inside look at the bat mobile, plus, the reason behind these costumes. we will be right back with the caped crusaders [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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this has got everybody's attention. >> check this out. this is not your average beach adventure ride, the jet lab is a water powered jet pack, it is only available at a few dozen places worldwide. this video have from tampa florida. look at that. >> that is cool. >> costs $300 for a 30 minute flight but you can walk on water, ride under water like a submarine, or just fly through the air. it is not as easy as it looks every little move changes height and speed of the flight and in fact, if you go to youtube there is a very funny video, i think of a news anchor at a station, attempting this, and falling flat on their face. >> i have seen that. >> very funny. >> i was in florida, a couple weeks ago i saw one. the guy was showing off to all the girls on the beach. >> wouldn't you. >> he was like doing -- >> did it look like fun >> i thought it was cool for awhile.
9:30 am
>> you were jealous. >> a little bit. >> that is not a fair assessment how cool it is. >> he was cool. >> if i didn't know how to do it and $300 for 30 minutes >> they train you they give you a course. >> okay. >> all right. >> very cool. >> cool stuff. >> we will let them work out the kinks. >> and when the price drops. >> you will not blast off to space. >> around here, generally clouds to start your day. more rain in the forecast the afternoon. not raining here in washington. a few showers linger across the south and east southern maryland across the southeastern shore. the rain will return later this afternoon. if you haven't made it out and about, bring along an umbrella. by 4, 5 today, we will have some back in for the evening rush hour. let me show you the first map, radar max 2. you can see, that the showers yep, they are developing and pushing here to the south and to the east, here in washington we are done for
9:31 am
the time being, with the rain but as we get into the afternoon this cold front out west will start to come back in. a live look at radar, showers south and east, there you go. southern maryland, st. mary city, still a couple showers, generally we start to quiet things down. cloud cover for the next couple hours, cold front out to the west, that will be a slow mover, later today we will see showers spring up along that front. temperatures, and as we get into -- whoa. ♪ [ music ] [ bat man theme song ] >> good morning. >> is this the man himself. >> yes. >> you are making me nervous. >> me too. >> hallow everyone. >> how are you doing. >> full-time for the weather temperatures. >> have you ever done the weather before. >> this will be a weather first. >> it is always cool in gotham city >> i didn't realize we were going to have a super hero
9:32 am
today. good luck bat man. >> let's see, we have temperatures in baltimore, 70 degrees stevensville, 64 degrees, western maryland, cumberland, again, 64 degrees. >> you are getting good bat man how warm will it get today. >> temperatures should rise 73, maybe 74. >> 74 degrees. all right. i didn't realize we had super heros here today. >> i am an honorary member of storm force. hang on. there it is. hang on. i haven't worn it in quite some time. there you go. what do you think bat man? not quite the same. >> no, i am not wearing hockey pants. >> i am hoping to join you and robin on a little adventure later today.
9:33 am
>> turker i think you should leave the super hero business to bat man. >> you do the weather i am out of here. >> a little bit sunny, a little bit cloudy, but as my friend annie says, the sun will come out tomorrow and will be a gorgeous friday, and saturday. >> all right. >> there we go [ applause ] >> here is your 5 day forecast, showers back in the forecast today, bat man take it away thursday, friday and saturday. >> how do we do this. okay. we have wednesday, no, just did that, thursday, breezy, high of 71, friday, tgif. mostly season any and 72. saturday, warming up, to 78, and happy mothers day 74 degrees sunday. a few scattered showers shouldn't mess up your barbecues. >> i think you are going to take my job as well as have
9:34 am
your own cool juxtaposition. that is your weather forecast. never done it with a super hero before. >> that is the best. >> that is the best. >> all right. >> back to you. >> nice job bat man. >> more later. >> yeah, bat man is coming back robin is here the bat mobile is here as well and we will talk with bat man a little bit and find out what is going on in his life. good stuff too. poor tucker. >> still aide head this hour, the piano man is moving out. how much his posh pad is going for. coming up next. john travolta accused of sexually assaulting a masseur but he has proof it is just not true. checking with tmz after the break ♪
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america's beverage companies are delivering.
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time to open up the buzz bin on a wednesday morning. john travolta says he has proof he did not sexually assault a
9:38 am
masseur. >> and the latest on billy joel. time for the latest hollywood headlines with dax holt and tmz. >> good morning morn dax. >> good morning. >> man disturbing allegations against iconic actor john travolta he says he has the proof he was nowhere in los angeles when this whole thing happened. >> yeah, so keep in mind there is now two masseurs who have come forward saying they were sexually assaulted by him. but he is saying he has proof at least toward it is first one he wasn't even in l.a. at the time. the masseuse is claiming he sexually assaulted him and basically, there is now a photo that has come forward saying that john was in new york at the time, january 16th i believe, 2012, and also there is a receipt for mr. chow with
9:39 am
john travolta having been at the restaurant but there are a couple things weird. no time stamp on the photo and no signature on the receipt but never the less we are told for sure, that john was in new york at that time. so, you know, kind of makes a hole in the story of the masseuse. >> let me ask you, dax i don't mean to be a naysayer this is all going to be worked out that photo looks so thin doesn't look like john travolta is he working out for a movie perhaps? can you give us insight? >> i thought the exact same thing when i saw the photo as well. that doesn't even look like him. the face yes, however, the body doesn't look like him but we are being told that is for sure him and it was from the 16th. this is you know coming from basically, john's people and they are cooberating the story. >> hope that is true. >> all right. piano man is spending less time in florida? selling his house.
9:40 am
>> selling his house. by the way this is not really a house it is a giant enormous mansion. so he is listed it for $15 million down in miami right on the coast, it is over 8,000 square feet, it has like 8 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, and it is this sprawling estate and it has an awesome pool and wine cellar no word why he is wanting to sell and move. i wouldn't want to ever move out of this house but he is moving on to somewhere else. >> that home is beyond beautiful. >> unbelievable. >> cool. >> beautiful. >> makes you want to move back east doesn't it? dax is like no >> i don't know about that. >> have a great day. >> bye guys. >> that home. >> we saw justin biebers house i thought that was nice. >> but that is in miami and so lush. okay. well, music has been very very good. >> tony over to you.
9:41 am
>> thank you. coming up move over exercise equipment, maryland health care center has a new treatment called virtual reality. holly morris is showing us how it works. it is not as easy azure might think. also the man himself, -- as you might think. >> also the man himself. bat man he was pulled over a few weeks ago this get up is his way of helping sick children. that is his extremely nice bat mobile. hear his incredible story plus where to meet him later this morning coming up next. 9:41 a.m. does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ?
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droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4glte network and motorola, whatever you want to do... droid does.
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protestors in new york city hit the streets to rally against bank of america. dozens demonstrated ahead of today's annual shareholders meeting in north carolina. today police are surrounding
9:45 am
the banks headquarters bracing for more than a thousand protestors. the 99% protest movement is planning a protest in charlotte. not as many people are late on their mortgage payments percentage of homeowner behind on payments dropped in the first three months of this year. now, it is at the lowest level since 2009. credit reporting agency, trans union says 5 .8% of homeowners were behind on mortgage payments first quarter still above the formal 2%, which is where it was before the housing bust. well, high tech rehabilitation for a group of seniors in gaithersburg maryland. the wilson center health care center, is using virtual reality to help them. fox 5s holly morris is live to teach us about this unique therapy. good morning. >> good morning to you. video games no longer just for the young here they are for the young at heart. they are indeed making a difference.
9:46 am
yet another person in here, doing virtual therapy this is ed. look he is concentrating very hard. lean lean lean you got it ed. all right. i think he might be -- we might have got a smile. he is a tough cookie. idel is helping us out. the company that created omni vr who you long has this been in the works. >> at least two years, research about virtual reality and how it can be helpful. >> some times it looks simple and rudimentary but this is a lot being taken into account. >> it is simple on purpose distractions in some other systems you might see on the private market are distracting for seniorreaction times required are a little too advanced. this is a great way to take that concept, and apply it towards the geriatric population or population that needs more time to figure things out.
9:47 am
>> the other thing i am impressed with, it may be a little more precise in the assessment of how someone is doing. >> absolutely. right here you see he just finished his puzzle it gives us a lot of objective data. how many errors he made, what was his accuracy he has more trouble leaning left. it took him longer to go left. that would be a therapeutic goal for him we can then document. >> can we have him do another? >> he is advanced he doesn't get away with just doing one. >> sorry. >> we can challenge him in did i have aren't ways he is on a balance disk so we are working on balance, working on problem solving, working on leaning, so we can kind of take a lot of things at once that have very real life >> as far as results i was reading they definitely see at least, equals traditional therapy. >> yes. absolutely. they become engaged in what they are doing. they are paying attention to the task a lot of times we find
9:48 am
they will lean further than they will because they are trying for that goal that visual feedback they have gotten it. they might be standing for longer than they normally would like to stay standing. we are getting longer times on their feet more challenging yes, definitely a lot more engaging. >> when ed walked in he said oh, the dreaded disk. ed how are we feeling right now. >> fine. >> you are doing pretty well. >> sure. >> don't you feel good about yourself. >> much better than when i came in. >> look at you. do you feel like -- i know have you you done it a couple times do you feel like you are getting better every time. >> it is becoming easier. >> it is? >> somewhat. >> somewhat. now is this something you would look forward to doing? >> ah. >> you can think about that. >> maybe once a week. >> that is fair. as far as an occupational therapist your training obviously has always been in the traditional realm now it is kind of including this.
9:49 am
i won't say instead of but including this. how is that challenged you at all. >> well, you have to think about like what is the best game or the best thing for the patient. because not all of the games are appropriate for certain patients. it is challenging on our part to think first, before we give something to our patients. we should think how we would progress it, and how would we make it difficult and more challenging. >> okay and be honest now, you know, can you raise your hands in victory ed? oh,. >> i thought i broke it there for a minute. >> no. >> you did 100%. >> 100% look at that see you surprised yourself. and what i was going to ask you idel how often are you and the other ots in here playing this when there is no residents in here. >> ever day. >> where does it go from here? i am sure your company is working on other things.
9:50 am
>> we are continually updating, we have a relatively recent update. we have a bingo they have to do a full stand, technique to get the ball and some competitive nature that comes with the play. can do two people at the same time. just new technology, new exercises, trying to take real world you know, maybe working ongoing into like a shopping store, you have to take items. >> virtual shopping right up my alley. our website we have a link to the wilson health care center here in gaithersburg. tony back to you. what a fun morning we've had. holly i know you have had a fun morning we are having fun as well. i am joined now by my hero, bat man, and the boy wonder robin. both here in northwest washington attracting quite the crowd. how are you bat man? >> fine thank you how are you? >> doing great. robin how are you?
9:51 am
>> fantastic. >> it is great to have you here. you have attracted quite a crowd. it is not just bat man and robin but take a look at the ride, the bat mobile, custom designed job, and yeah, it is a lamborghini, an expensive car. let's talk to bat man. i got to find out i have so many questions for you. bat man is lenny b robinson he doesn't mind if we reveal your try didn'tty. >> that is fine >> -- identity. >> that is fine. >> robin is aaron ross. you first got to know bat man when he was pulled over by the police did you have a flat tire? >> on halloween, i had a flat tire and howard county police were kind enough to guard my car while a flat bed came and towed it away because there is no spare tire in the back. >> you got all kinds of other
9:52 am
stuff. crime fighting gear. >> yes. >> obviously the video made youtube and everyone has been writing you and calling you since then. tell us how you came to be bat man. >> approximately -- my youngest son brandon was 4 years old, he was obsessed with bat man everywhere he went he wore his bat man costume to the grocery store, bat man out by the pool bat man everywhere was bat man and then one day his obsession became my obsession. then my ocd kicked in and i had to have the best costume and the best car before this car i had a chrysler plymouth prowler and we went and contacted hospitals and went to see the kids and i knew at that time that i was making a difference. >> that is what this is all about. i am sure you have fun riding around as bat man and robin but it is visiting hospitals,
9:53 am
visiting sick children you work specifically with an organization, hope for henry tell us about that. >> hope for henry is probably one of my favorite if not favorite organizations they provide spiritual reto everyone stuck in the hospital, kids that cannot enjoy a beautiful season any day, can't enjoy a lazy day like when it is snowing out and you stay home. you know, just relax. these kids are fighting every day for their lives, every morning every afternoon every evening every night and hope for henry brings relief, brings a party, brings joy and a lot of that is healing. a lot of everything up here. they asked me to join them years ago, and that is what i started doing. >> aaron when you are out in the costumes and meet the kids it has to be very touching and rewarding to see their
9:54 am
reaction. >> every kid it is always up lifting to see the smile on their faces because you know that is what it is about. >> all right tell me about the bat mobile give me a little -- first of all when you pulled up you made -- you had the top come up and had the bat ears that had to be a special obviously a special order that you got there tell me what else you have done with the car. >> well, the engine stock was 550 house power all wheel drive, i had a super charged system put in that takes it to just over 700 horse power needless to says the a bolt of lightning >> i will bet it is but i am sure you obey the speed limit because you are bat man. >> let's view the camera there, tell me, you can be as forthcoming as you want to be you have a lamborghini, a bat man costume, first you fit the part the look the voice everything is great that is what makes it work. you are a business man,
9:55 am
obviously a successful business man what do you do. >> thank you. i started a cleaning company when i was in high school and after high school, i went into business full time after college and business, i worked day and night, 70, 80 hours a week working with my crews making sure everything we cleaned was done and done properly, in 2007 i had an opportunity to sell my business, to a company, based out of the washington area, called tmf, professional maintenance management. they purchased my company i stayed on for a few years continuing to run the company and now i do the cape crusader as a full time. >> you are effecting many kids, and making them very happy. lenny b robinson. we will wrap up out here in a couple moments we will be right back right after these words 
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we will cloud up again this afternoon showers moving back in. bring an umbrella. temperatures nice, sunshine. clear up the rest of the week looks great. by sunday, mothers day clouds move back in temperatures mid- 70s. starting tomorrow enjoy the next couple days. >> let's ride tucker whatever >> look at these guys how is it you are in the bat mobile, i am the big bat man fan >> i don't know. lucky i guess. >> nice car. >> nice car. >> i don't know if you know or not but i got my costume in the back we are ready to go. >> who can i be? >> lenny b robinson, bat man and robin if you want to get in touch with bat


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